1950's doll furniture
for Ginny and her friends

presented by Francie

Welcome to my doll house - or more like condominiums. There is only one front door as I have only one door. It is from a Sindy house I believe. The other piece is pre-Barbie Mattel

This livingroom group is by Strombecker and was called "Smart Set". The Brownie Scouts are having their meeting

Here are a table and chairs and hutch by Halls Lifetime Toys. Their furntiure was particularly sturdy

Here are another table and chairs by Halls. The highchair is Halls as well. The kitchen was a German toy imported and sold by Montgomery Wards. The Mommy is Cissette by Madame Alexander. She is about 9" tall. The baby is about 4" tall and by Hollywood

Here is another pressed tin kitchen set. The pink table and chairs are Ginny, but wouldn't you know I'd put Alexander-kins eating breakfast

Ginny bedroom furniture. I have since gotten the correct armoire. These I believe are by Cass Toys

This bed and "boudoir chair" are earlier than the ones shown below. And in the same room are a Ginnette crib and baby tender. Note the blue feet on the tender. The earlier ones had blue feet. The later ones had pink

This bedroom set is by Halls

This one is by Keystone. This furniture was sold at FAO Schwarz (and possibly other upscale stores) and was said to go with Madame Alexander's Wendy. I got these pieces from 3 different sources. Two were on eBay

Another Keystone

Here is some Keystone nursery furniture. Their items are fairly fragile. This set comes in pink and white. The bathinette is from a white set

Here are Ginny and Wendy working on a project. The furniture is Halls (chest and armoire), and Sandra Sue (bed)

This is the Ginny furniture that was made by Strombecker. It is not marked. Most Ginny furniture was made by Cass Toys

Here is more painted Strombecker furniture, their Pennsyvania Dutch pattern. Most of their furniture is a light finished wood

Here is the furniture finish that is more common. These include a pair of 4 poster beds that appear identical. One is Strombecker and one is a copy. The canopy bed is Strombecker with the original bed linens

Halls made nursery furniture too

Keystone white nursery

Strombecker nursery furniture. White pieces were made for Ginnette and are not marked except with her name and logo animal decor. Note the pink feet on the baby tender. The earlier tender with blue feet was probably made by Cass

Strombecker nursery furniture. I think their rocking chairs are too big. They fit Lissy

Bathrooms are hard to find. These pieces are modern. The sink and toilet are from Madelaine's doll house. The tub is porcelain and is from Dept 56

Strombecker bathinette and potty chair. Baby and mom by Hollywood

Strombecker swing

Strombecker umbrella table and folding chairs

Anyone know when they invented Tupperware?

Heading for the tub now. Night

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