Porcupine Mountains State Park, Michigan U.P.

This park has quite a lot to see. The famous Lake of the Clouds Overlook, the mixture of Pines and Deciduous trees of the Ottowa Forest draped over the foothills that were once some of the oldest mountains on the planet is spectacular. Porcupine Mountains State Park has several high overlooks, waterfalls, old mining caves, a beautiful Lake Superior South Shore sandy beach, babbling brooks and more. Allow as much time as possible to enjoy the Porcupine Mountains. And be sure to see the Presque Isle River, full of waterfalls, boiling cauldrons and very unique rock formations.

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From The Overlooks
Summit Peak, Porcupine Mountains
Summit Peak
Lake of the Clouds, Porcupine Mountains
Lake of the Clouds
Carp River, Porcupine Mountains
The Carp River
Presque Isle River
Manido Falls, Presque Isle River
Manido Falls
Presque Isle River Cascades
Presque Isle River Cascades
Manabezho Falls
Manabezho Falls
Lake Superior

Sandy Beach

Presque / Lake Superior

Looking North-East
Other Highlights

The Overlooked Falls

Multi Colored Trees

Minnesota Waterfalls
Lake Superior / Arrowhead
Colorful Sunsets
Wildflowers, Etc.
Blooms and Mushrooms
Lighthouses of Lake Superior
Fall Colors
Wisconsin Waterfalls
Michigan UP Waterfalls Winter Waterfalls
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