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Baba O'Riley (Teenage Wasteland) was written by Peter Townsend of the "Who" and released on "Who's Next" album , 8/14/71. This song also appeared on many of the "Who's" future albums , "Story of the Who" (1976), "Hooligans" (1981), "The Who Collection" (1985), and "This is My Generation" (1988). Many live versions of this song were also recorded by the "Who" and released on albums in later years. Everytime I heard this song, (Baba O'Riley --Teenage Wasteland) it reminded me personally of my time and what I saw and had done in the "Nam". I really wanted to do a page about this song by the "Who" and finally finished this task by changing words in the song "Baba O'Riley" to fit what this song reminded me about during my tour in Vietnam. I hope you enjoy this page, and by all means sign the guestbook and let me know what you think of this page. If you know the song, you'll know where the words go, and if you don't know it-- wait until you hear the organ and then read it. "Take Care and thanks for stopping by. I appreciate your visit--for sure!

We're out here in the field.

"C Rats" for our meals.

We watch our backs to keep on living.

We got to fight.

Who knows who's right.

It don't mean nothing.

The fear keeps you shivering.

Choppers fly,

our government lied.

This is only "G.I. Deathland."

Humping across the land.

Breathing while you can.

Automatic gun fire,

weapons held to our shoulder.

Theres no excuses here.

The enemy is near.

We'll all fight together,

and hope to get a little older.

G.I. Deathland !

This is G.I. Deathland !

G.I. Deathland !

Its just a Soldiers Deathland !

We're all "Dead" !!

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