How to Implode at Image Magick

Newsgroup: Gypsy Jewels
Date: Tue, Jun 5, 2001
From: Lee

Don't know if anyone would be interested or not but here's a new and exciting, to me anyway, discovery.

When I was searching and trying to find out how to animate, I clicked on the different buttons on Image Magick. I came across F/X and tried each one and when I saw what Implode did, I was so excited. I forgot all about animations. I now had another avenue to try. LOL

I had seen a tutorial a while back that my friend Janet sent to me, but paid it no mind at the time, just put it away like all the other dozens of sites we all save and then remembered - hey this is what it was about!

So if anyone would like to try it, here are the directions. It's addicting. I know it was to me.

First step is to get a background and resize it to whatever your need is. I made it 170x170! This is an example:

Now I put a frame around it 15x15 - indigo for color.

Next step is to click on F/X on Image Magick.

A box will show a number of 60 in it, delete it and put in -99.9.
Make sure the "IMPLODE button is checked
Then click on "EFFECT"

If you don't like the effect you can just change the number.

A lower number gives you a smaller inside dimension.

Below is one done with a -70:

At this point I like to save the image for further use:


Next step is to composite a gif. I used this:

Gravity = CENTER
Location = +0+0
Click on "COMPOSITE"

This is the finished product:

And this is the one with the _70 number"

Now depending on the number you put in, all sorts of looks can be had.

If you use a rectangle to start with you will get an oval look.

If you use a number without the minus - sign, you will get something like this:

You can have so much variety with this. If you go to my page of Gifs you will find some examples. I also used one of my calling cards and imploded that and amazing what you can get from doing that. It's really endless.

My Gif page:

Lee's Gifs

If there are any questions, I'd be glad to answer them "if" I can. I''m not an expert on this, just having fun with my little black box.


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