Good morning Lord, yeah it's me again
But somehow I don't think you mind at all
And everytime I talk to you, Lord
You always answer when I call
Lord, thank for another day
That You have let come my way
Thank You for the beautiful sunshine
Whatever You give Lord, suits me fine

Thank for the flowers socolorful and bright
To brighten up my daywhat a beautiful sight
Thank for the rainbow that I saw yesterday
And for the needed rain that You sent our way
Thank You Lord for letting me know
That I am always in Your care
And that whenever I need you
All it takes is a simple prayer

Thank You for all the blessings Lord
You choose to send me every day
Especially for helping me Lord
To live life in Your way
Thank You for the promise Lord
That someday I'll be there with You
In a beautiful place you have prepared
For me to startmy life all anew

Lord, I guess I'll close for now
But I'll be back again
To thank You for Your blessings
I love You Lord--Amen

Author by: Jack Young 6-13-09
Page designed by: Fran G.