Today, my Mandy left me
Her sad eyes full of love seemed to tell me her thoughts
And this is what I imagined she tried to say~

From you I never wanted to leave
Please, do not for me now grieve
I have been with you for fourteen years
You have given me love through our tears

No better care could any God's creatures had
Even when your Korean War frozen leg hurt so bad
You hobbled to take me in and out
I was sorry when you did doubt
But you knew my health was going fast
And a short time now I would last

All the money you had dealt
For my comfort and my health
With Vet home calls night and day
But with my love to you I tried to repay
I see you have my picture on your den shelf
Looking at it and remembering me before I left

With all my love and devotion
I send this message to you
From God's Rainbow Bridge
I am now well and happy here too
Remember HIS Love and mine will see you through
With all my love your "Mandy"

Author and Page Designed By:
Fran G. August 12, 2009

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