~{"THE ROSE"}~

~GOD LOVES YOU, SO DO I~ A NEVER ENDING FRIEND They found me through my Poetry on the massive Web,
Then sent a note of gratitude of what they had read.

An answer I could not resist to send.
Their words were so kind and honest,
I knew they would be a friend.

They did not hesitate to write me each and every day.
In return, I sent an answer right away.

Time has passed. we have shared our stories night and day,
From our childhood through the years as we traveled our way.

So many friends caring and sweet,
I cherish the day we did meet.

by: Fran Gaines @ 1999

WHY GOD GAVE US FRIENDS God knew that everyone needs
Companionship and cheer...
He knew that people need someone
Whose thoughts are always near.

He knew they needed someone kind
to lend a helping hand...
Someone to gladly take the time
To care and understand...

That's why God gave us friends

God knew that we all need someone
To share each happy day...
To be a source of courage
When troubles come our way..

Someone to be true to us
Whether near or far apart..
Someone whose love we'll always hold
And treasure in our hearts...

That's why God gave us friends~~~
©Fran G. (Exact Date Forgotten)..


The special bond
that keeps us close
is built on many things~
The warmth and understanding
that a special friendship brings,

The comfort and security
of knowing someone cares~
Who takes the time to listen,
who reaches out and shares...

The friendship
that I share with you
means very much to me.
© Fran G.


Just like a rose,
so precious and rare,
is the forever friendship
and the love we share.

Planted with kindness,
it's warmed by the sun
of caring and sharing,
laughter and fun.

It's also planted in trust
and nurtured by love,
with a sprinkling of faith
from God above.

Tears of sadness and joy,
like dew,
renew this friendship
I share always with you.

And in the garden of our hearts,
always we find the room
to be ourselves,
to grow and bloom.

Our friendship is like the rose
beneath the snow lies the seed that grows,

Sometime in silence it will lay
but in our hearts it will forever stay.

by: @Fran G. 2001

On this page to all my friends, I would like to dedicate this Site to the two most Loving and Wonderful friends a person could ever know.

Although, they are now with our God in Heaven,
you can see their love as it Glows,
in their garden of the Rose.

My Sweet Mother and Daddy.
See their Picture below. @ Fran G.

This is an actual picture of my Mother and Daddy in 1967 in her Rose Garden by their home in the country.
Please do not take without written permission. Thank you Fran G @ 2001.