I know you left Mommy Daddy but why did you not want me?
I was only 15 months old, knowing not how could it be?

On my Birthday Daddy, a present from you I did not care
I only wanted to hear your voice and know you were somewhere
To only say Happy Birthday to my little girl so sweet
It would have been a treasure my heart would keep

Daddy, then I thought when Santa came
You would send me a present marked to me with your name
Then in a beauty pageant a blue ribbon I won
I was a blonde, blue eyed little girl
Mommy said so cute and full of fun
A proud Daddy you could have been
If you had only seen me then

Then came my school years with cruelty how I was teased
Why don't you have a Daddy the kids would say
To come and watch you on your special day
Oh how that would hurt as I came home to sit and cry
And wonder and wonder

Mommy and Grandpa did their best in raising me
Grandpa taught me many things of how my life should be
He taught me to love one another that was his words and way of life
Always to forgive no matter the strife

Daddy you should have seen me on my Wedding Day
Grandpa could not walk me down the isle
Because God was calling him away
So I was married there near his bedside
I was so happy, yet my heart cried
Where was my Daddy

Now Daddy you are in Heaven and I believe you would love to know
I have two daughters, one son and five Grandchildren, my how they grow
If you were still here would you turn your back on them too
As you did Mommy and me
We all could have loved you

I came to see you Daddy when God called you home
I placed a rose in your cold hand knowing God would tell you this was your little girl you left alone
Yes you could have been proud of me and the things Grandpa taught
For now I have a happy and successful life Things that cannot be bought

I have love in my heart for all I know
And I feel their love for me in all they show
As in my love for everyone I give
It is always returned each day I live
So Daddy the things Grandpa taught me were true
While all that time it should have been you

There is only one thing now left to blame
I would have loved to ask you face to face Daddy, did you ever know my name?
I hope to find the answer some day since you are gone
So no other little child will never be left alone asking

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Author: Norma Lee 2-22-06
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