Why did Jesus die on the cross that day,
On a hill called Calvary long ago.
I hope you know the answer my friend,
He did it because He loved us so.

He was sent by his Father to save,
All mankind who were lost.
And that's exactly what He did,
When they nailed Him to that cross.

God's people had fallen into evil ways.
And weren't doing what He wanted them to.
He loved us enough to sacrifice His son,
To bring redemption for me and you.

The blood was shed by our Savior,
On Calvary's hill far away.
Was shed to wash away our sins,
And it is still flowing today.

This may seem like a simple message,
But every word here is true.
Jesus lived and died on that old cross
So that we all could be born anew.

He is back in Heaven with His Father now,
But He left behind His saving Grace.
So that those accepting as Savior and Lord,
Can be with Him in this wonderful place.

Do we deserve to go there with him someday?
No, we don't for we continue to commit sin.
But Jesus made it possible that we are forgiven,
And to His Heaven He will welcome us in.

Author Jack Young Copyright January 22, 2011

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22 January 2011