Goodbye Cody,
At least for awhile.
We miss you so and
Remember your smile.

We know you are in Heaven now,
That's the best place you can be.
And someday we'll rejoin you
Beyond the crystal sea.

God sent you to us,
For us to enjoy and to love.
But He sent one of His angels,
To take you to Heaven above.

We are hurting now,
But someday we will rejoice.
We can hold you in our arms again,
And hear your sweet voice.

Until then Cody,
We'll say goodbye for alittle while.
Until we meet again,
Where every heartache becomes a smile.

Up there with Jesus,
Before His great throne.
There will be no more parting,
And cares are not known.

We cherish your memories,
That will always be true.
God really blessed us good,
With the time we spent with you.

Author Jack Young
Copyright March 5, 2010
Written for our dear friends Marlene and Joe,
Cody's Grandparents.

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