How many times have I been blessed?
I could never count the ways.
Even if I tried I couldn't count that high,
So offer up to God my praise.

There are so many blessings,
That God has given me.
The biggest one is that I was saved,
When Jesus heard my plea.

So many times I have felt like giving up,
But then I come to realize.
It was the old devil after me,
With his evil, devious lies.

Just think about it for awhile,
How good our Lord has been.
Tho we disappoint Him many times,
He still forgives our sin.

Even before when I knew Him not,
He waited patiently.
Until I finally called out to Him,
Then he rescued me.

I cried, O Lord, I'm sorry for,
All the bad things I've done.
It was then my Savior said to me,
You are forgiven my son.

Just walk the narrow pathway,
That I have laid out for you.
And someday when I return,
You can go back with me, too.

He has gone ahead to prepare a place,
In that beautiful Heaven above.
Where sins and cares are not known,
And I owe it all to His wonderful love.

Author Jack Young
Copyright January 25, 2010

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