We are all flowers in God's Bouquet
And He tends to us all night and day.
He gives us water and also sunshine,
Along with food on which we dine.

We are all included no one is left out,
But we cannot grow if there is any doubt.
It is up to us to decide where we want to grow,
We won't grow at all if the Lord we don't know.

Life can be beautiful for those who believe,
There is no end to the blessings we receive.
If we will but trust Him to fulfill our needs,
We become pretty flowers when He plants the seeds.

We must help God cultivate us so we can survive,
And let Him know we are glad we are to be alive.
It isn't much effort to ask Him always to bless,
He loves his flowers and will take care of the rest.

A beautiful garden is waiting up there,
Where we will be transplanted without care.
This beautiful garden will never wilt and die,
We will love forever in our home in the sky.

Jesus will be there in person to see that we grow,
And watch over us forever for He loves us so.
Just like He has watched over us here on this earth,
When Jesus transplants us we will have new birth.

Author Jack Young
Copyright February 28, 2010

Midi Playing: "Come To Me"
Compliments of New Hope Music used with permission.
Copyright by Victor Stockman.

Graphic used on this page found at Art Scans Graphic Group. Copyright is retained by the original artist.

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