Why do you seek me here in this place?
Did I not tell you I would rise again?
But I leave behind me my love and my grace,
So that you can be forgiven your sin.

I will be going back to my Father soon,
And there I will be forever more.
But someday I will come back to get you,
And take you with me to Heaven's shore.

I died for you because I love you,
And took away your sin that day.
You will not have to bear them again,
If you will but choose to follow my way.

It breaks my heart that so many have chosen,
Not to accept what I offered to one and all.
Keep on praying that they too will someday,
Choose me as their Lord and answer my call.

I cannot tell you when I will return,
For that is not for you to know.
So make preparations now for the journey,
To Heaven when it's your time to go.

Author Jack Young
Copyright Easter 2011

Midi Playing: "Robe Of Righteousness"
Compliments of New Hope Music
Copyright Michael L. Jester

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17 April 2011