Keep your mind on Jesus,
He's keeping His eyes on you.
Keep Him Tucked in your heart,
Ask Him to lead you thru.

Have a talk with Jesus,
He loves to hear you when you pray.
Praise Him, tell Him you love Him,
He will smile when hears what you say.

Read all about Jesus in the Bible,
It tells you what He's done for you.
He died on the cross to save you,
So trust Him whatever else you do.

Always confide in Jesus,
He can keep secrets you know.
Just ask Him and He will forgive you,
He does it because He loves you so.

We all have our trials and sorrows.
Sometimes if it feels we can't go on,
Ask Jesus and He will make it better.
He always watches out for His own.

Author Jack Young
Copyright August 11, 2010

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