Up in the mornin' way before dawn,
Grabbing my patched overalls to put on.
Head to the barn to slop the old sow,
Reach for a bucket start milking the cows.

Ornery old Bessie kicking over the milk pail,
Then swats my face with her cockleburr tail.
Getting done with the milking at last,
Almost time for school so I have to move fast.

Still got to feed the old mules their corn,
Toss down some hay from the loft in the barn.
Then heading for the house it's time to eat,
Biscuits, ham, sausage and gravy and salty side meat.

Back then on the farm it didn't seem so cool,
So much work to be done before heading to school.
When school day is over more work to be done,
Had to head for the cotton fields in the hot sun.

My how it did seem the time slowly did pass,
It ain't much fun when you're looking a mule in the a--.
Starting to get dark and it's nigh supper time,
Hitch the mules to the wagon and then aboard climb.

Sure looking forward to what's waiting at home,
Pinto beans, molasses biscuits and fresh cornpone.
And maybe some chicken that Mother had just fried,
With a bowl of apple dumplings for dessert on the side.

If not apple dumplings, fresh peach pie or cake,
Oh, how good were the things our Mother could bake.
Getting homework and heading to an old feather bed,
Mother being there to be sure our prayers were said.

Thanking the Lord and asking Him to keep us in his keep,
Then climbing in that old bed for peaceful night's sleep.
Mother always staying there to see we were tucked in.
After making sure we were comfortable and snug,
She would tell us she loved us and give us a hug.

Up at four the next morning getting ready and then,
Started out to do the same thing all over again.
The best time for me that I remember at all,
Was getting all the crops laid by until Fall.

That's when I would dig some worms and grab my cane pole,
And head out with my old dog Mack to that old fishing hole.
I go back often and remember all the good times I had,
With my Brothers and Sisters and Mother and Dad.

They always managed to keep us happy, safe and warm,
That's how it was when you were raised on a farm.
Thank good Lord for these good memories of mine,
And letting me go back to a better day and time.

When all of those good times I relive again,
Things are so much different than they were back then.
Thank you for letting me relive those memories - Amen.

Author Jack Young Copyright October 17, 2010

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