Seasons come and seasons go,
It was our God that made it so.
Every season is according to His plan,
It's been that way since earth began.

Springtime comes and winter goes,
No longer snow but beautiful rose.
Summer with its heat arrives then,
Fall comes then it's winter again.

Do you think this by accident?
No, every season is Heaven sent,
The snow, the heat, the warmth remain.
They are all a part of God's domain.

Springtime is when we plant the seeds,
Then plow and chop and pull the weeds;
So that when fall comes around,
We reap and let rest the fertile ground.

Summer is when we sunburn and sweat,
Nobody has ever changed that yet.
The days become longer every day;
Because God meant it to be this way.

Then winter with its snow and sleet,
And Christmas comes and love is sweet.
God made the seasons and they are good,
If we don't appreciate that, we should.

Author Jack Young Copyright June 29, 2010

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16 January 2011