Sometimes, I'm sure like me, you get upset,
When things just don't seem to work out.
But folks that's just what the devil wants,
He wants us to forget Jesus and doubt.

But there is one sure way we can deny him,
And send him on his evil way.
You will find it works every time,
It scares him when we pray.

First, we should confess and ask forgiveness,
To start out our prayer.
God will always hear and heed us,
He is with us every where.

We will have something to look forward to,
When we've breathed our last earthly breath.
We have a future in a wonderful place,
Where we'll never again have to face death.

Not only will we not face death anymore,
But our cares will all disappear too.
We will never have to deal with them again,
For we will all be able to start out anew.

We must be prepared to go anytime,
For we cannot know the time and the day.
When Jesus will come back to gather His own,
And take us with Him to Heaven to stay.

He will be returning for us that's for sure,
Just exactly like He said He would do.
That promise was made by our Savior himself,
So we all know that every word is true.

Author Jack Young
Copyright March 26, 2010

Midi Playing: "Jesus You're The One"
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