Rushing madly through the mall
To get the very best gift for all
Spending more than we meant to
Never mind the bills that are due

Hustle and bustle, fret and worry
Got to buy that in a hurry
Got a dollar left must spend it
Can't afford the postage to send it

Papa wants a new TV
Kids want everything they see
Mama just wants peace and rest
Still she tries to do her best

Folks, how did we get like this
Christmas is supposed to be bliss
Celebrating the virgin birth
Of the One who came to earth

It's about time we all figured out
What Christmas is really about
It is not about gifts of worldly things
But the gift of love from our King

No matter how long we may live
Love is the greatest gift we can give
It will be appreciated a lot more
Than what you purchase at a store

This year let's all promise to
Celebrate like we should do
And know that we can ill afford
To not celebrate the birth of our Lord

Author Jack Young
Copyright December 6, 2007

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