May the good Lord bless you,
All throughout this day.
May you do your best to follow,
Down His blessed pathway.

May there be a smile upon your face,
For everyone you chance to meet.
Not only family, friends and neighbors,
But strangers walking down the street.

May you ask the Lord to guide you,
So you won't go astray.
And before you get through praying,
Thank Him for this day.

May you have fair weather,
Though some of you I know won't.
Remember it is the Lord's doing,
So if you feel like fussing - don't.

Spring will soon be upon us,
So just hold on for awhile.
When you think you can't,
Go ahead with that extra mile.

I know that you are all busy,
So I'll just close for now.
Just wear a smile and keep going
And you will make it through somehow.

Author Jack Young
Copyright February 3, 2010

Midi Playing: "Island Of Life" (Written by Kitaro)
Compliments of Dolphin Dreams.
Photography Copyright by Laura Irwin used with permission.
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6 February 2010