My Special Friend

~Dedicated to MaryAnn~

Every once in awhile someone comes our way

Who touches our life in a very special way

We do not understand the how or why

We couldn?t figure it out even if we try

We knew from the start that this was meant to be

It was not mere coincidence as others may see

There was from the start a sincere affection

The Internet being our connection

You see we have the beliefs and share so much

Although it seems impossible I can feel your touch

You are there to help me with my sorrow and grief

Your words of comfort always promote relief

Although we have never met and are miles apart

I know you, because I know your heart

You put others first before yourself, as I do too

That is why we need each other, for me and for you

Our friendship is part of God?s perfect plan

The future is sometimes difficult to understand

He gave me a special friend to guide me along the way

God?s plan will be revealed one great day

If we never meet on earth it will still be ok

I know I will meet you in Heaven someday

For love has a beginning but never does it end

I thank God for you, My Special Friend

Author - Nancy Stephens