I'm so forlorn and I'm so weary
Life can take it's toll
Problems around every corner
No light to behold

Every day runs into another
Every hour drags on and on
Every minute takes a lifetime
Every second takes so long

I wonder where the laughter went
Why I'm always so lonely and bored
Why the little pleasures in my life
Make me happy no more

The clock ticks out a message
That time is ticking by
One second at a time
Till I want to scream and cry

If I didn't have my Jesus
To keep me company
I don't know what I'd do
I don't know where I'd be

I hang on for just one more day
I look to HIM...I call His name
I know that this too shall pass
Nothing ever stays the same

I'm in a valley so low
But I know that mountain is nigh
I together with Jesus
Will climb it oh so high

I'll see a better tomorrow
I'll see a better day
I know this to be true
Cause my Jesus is leading the way
Thank you and Praise you Jesus!!!!

Mary Silva
March, 2006


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