Her world was peaceful
Not a worry or concern
Crept into her conciousness
Life was good at last

She had it tough
For many many years
She went through the fires
Cried many many tears

But when she met Bill
Her life turned around
A truly gentle man
Who's love knew no bounds

He taught her to smile
He taught her to play
He taught her to live
Without fear or dismay

He gave her the gift of life
Life on this earth
Life filled with excitement
Life filled with mirth

But as suddenly as a minute
A mere minute in time
It was all taken away
When he missed his climb

He climbed up a ladder
We don't know how
He fell off and plunged
To the earth below

He landed on his head
Into a coma he sank
The doctors could do nothing
But wait...

The prognosis was dim
If he didn't respond
Within a day or so
They said he'd be gone

They'd pull the plug
Rather than have him exist
With brain damage or worse
They didn't want this

How utterly fragile we are
That in one little day
Our lives can be twisted
In such a horrific way

Our hopes our dreams
Should never be built
Upon this earthly existence
It's made of sand and silt

As the body breaks down
So shall our aspirations
All we build on this earth
Can in one day be gone

I contemplated this horror
Through heartache and tears
I prayed and I asked
What does all of this mean

True and lasting happiness
I'm convinced without doubt
Can be found only in Jesus
And all that God has for us

God's love is vast
God's love is pure
God's love is forever
God's love is sure

Thank you and Praise you Jesus
For giving your life for me
Thank you and Praise you Jesus
For securing my eternity

Nothing or no one
Can ever take away
What we have in God
What we have today
Is forever

Mary Silva
Sept, 2005

The man spoken about in this poem
lived. They were supposed to pull the
plug but God had other plans.

Through the Power of Prayer, His
hand moved, and to the doctor's (and
everyone else's) amazement...Bill was
sitting up talking before they could do
the deed...there were many tears shed
that day. Tears of joy and gratitude.
Praise Jesus!!

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