You can't befriend the darkness
You can't embrace its might
If you're a child of God
The dark will dim your light

The temptation's always there
To step into it's realm
Of power and foreknowledge
Of being at the helm

Stay off the doorstep
Of the one who holds the key
To the hell's door
To death eternally

You can't serve two masters
Sayeth the one true God
He's jealous of our love
He covets our every word

What comes out of our mouths
Comes from the heart
From our devotion to God
We should never ever depart

Not even one word
Should spark off a campaign
To raise up the darkness
To give it domain

Turn away from the darkness
Stay firmly in the Light
Turn only to our Father
For all you need tonight

Put your faith in Jesus
Tomorrow's a new day
Keep your faith in Him
The dark will then fade
Into Glory

Mary Silva
July, 2005


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