Will I have the faith to face tomorrow
If my life's been shattered and bruised
Will I have the faith to walk the walk
Or will I stand accused

Accused of not having faith
If my heart faints with fear
Accused of turning from God
If I dare shed a tear

Accused of not being Christian
If the smile on my face isn't there
Accused of having doubts
Because I've asked for prayer

Can I accept an uncertain future
Or will I sink in the sand
Will my faith always sustain me
Will I still be able to stand

Will I reach out to Jesus
Walk every step with Him
Knowing that I can fall
Fall quickly into sin

I can be so very frightened
That my heart turns far away
From He who loves me so much
My spirit can rebel and stray

I have no faith in my own faith
That's having faith in me
My faith is in my Father
To give me what I need

Each day is filled with prayer
That I stay strong in Him
I can never be sure of tomorrow
I can't trust in my own whims

I'm human and I know it
I'm made of flesh and I'm frail
I can't be sure my faith will hold
I can't be sure I won't fail

But I can be sure of Jesus
That He will make me strong
That He will walk me through it all
And bring me through the storms

My own "faith" would tell my heart
That He'll make it all go away
But that's not always how it works
He keeps us day by day

He walks us through the heartache
He teaches us as we go
How much we need to look to God
How much we need to know

That God is our Father in heaven
He gives us all good things
He gives us what we need spiritually
To grow and develop our wings

To have faith in our own faith
Is proud and pompous
To pray pray pray pray pray
Is what the bible tells us

I can never say I accept
What God has in store for me
Cause I am of human flesh
And the human flesh is weak

Mary Silva
June, 2005

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