It's a frosty morning, the sun
shining bright, the dew clings
to the grass. I feel alive yet
mesmerized by all that I see.

A mist has formed over the
field, it's ethereal beauty
drinking in the sun, making
a beautiful haze throughout.

A tiny movement catches my
eye. As I gaze towards the
edge of the field I see 2 baby
birds playing in the grass.
Seeming to have not a care in
the world, their only thoughts
is to have fun.

Further down I see a bunny
running past...oblivious to the
drama around him. I listen as
the birds sing from their treetops,
filling the air with their lilt.

God's land: peaceful...serene.
My spirit stills as my heart takes
in all that is beautiful and treasured;
God's creation. Praise you Jesus for
these moments with your works, for
these moments of peace, for these
moments of serenity, for these
moments I spend buried deep into
your world of miracles.

Mary Silva
August, 2005

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