I used to think that Jesus
Died for all our sins
That's the truth yes
But it's only the beginning

He's there for us
From the moment we accept
His love and Sacrifice
Covers more than we expect

My heart cries
When I see people on the news
They're saved from a burning flame
But to thank God they refuse

Their heart is hard
Their eyes are blind
Their ears are deaf
Their spirit bound
To earth

They thank the fireman
They thank the neighbor
They thank the family pet
But not the real Savior

They fail to see
That without God's loving hand
There'd be pure evil
All over the land

It reminds me all the more
How much I need to pray
For all those lost souls
Who refuse to walk God's way

Who refuse to believe
That Jesus died for them
Who refuse to believe
That they will be condemned

I pray they wake up soon
To the truth and to the Glory
That the story of Jesus
Isn't just a story

Mary Silva
January, 2006

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