It's so sad that there are those
Who think "What's yours is mine"
They have no regard for you
They have no fear of The Divine

They walk through life askance
Doing just as they please
They care not who they hurt
Their own needs they appease

My God they need our prayers
They need God's loving touch
Please pray for these lost souls
Who think they have so much

They're puppets of the devil
They do his bidding well
But it's so very sad
They're destiny is hell

If they only felt and knew
The love God has for them
They'd turn their backs on all
That causes them to sin

We don't have to like what they do
But I can't help but loving them
When I think of where they'll go
When their lives are at their end
How sad

@ Mary Silva
November, 2005

I wrote this poem after my sons
car was stolen. It's so sad that
some are competely oblivious
to how much they hurt others
when they commit crimes such
as this. And where they'll go in
the end if they don't reach out
to Jesus. They need our prayers,
not our contempt...Amen

I got the grahics from:

Christian Gif Collection

If you're a graphics hound like me then
take a peek, there's some pretty nice
things in there.


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