What do I wish for all the earth
as Christmas draweth near?
I wish the entire universe
a life that's free from fear.

I wish the troops could all come home
and every war would cease.
I wish all nations of the world
would join their hands in peace.

I wish the hungry would be fed.
I wish each child a toy
to light their eyes on Christmas day
with effervescent joy.

I wish the homeless would be warmed
by hearthside glow of home.
I wish a friend for everyone
who walks the earth alone.

I wish for all the bleeding hearts
God's reassuring smile
that He will care and comfort and
be with them all the while.

The Baby in the manger came
to bring us peace on earth.
I wish that everyone would feel
the wonder of His birth.

I wish that every mortal being
would bow before the King
and offer praises to His name
and of His glory sing.

I wish that angels would fly down
from heaven up above
and fill the hearts of all mankind
with joy and peace and love.

Written By Ruth Gillis

Thank you so very much Ruth, for allowing us to reprint your wonderful poem for The Christmas Cottage. ~Marvaline

Please be sure to visit Ruth Gillis' website "Ruth's House of Poetry." I know you will truly enjoy her beautiful, and heartfelt poetry.

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