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Background Index 1

These are seamless tile backgrounds that I've made along the way. I ask that you do not add these graphics to any other collection in their original form. Otherwise, please feel free to use for your own projects. If some of these names don't seem to match the background, that's because I just make up the names as I go along. LOL Sorry, not for commercial use. Thanks, Marvaline

Glitter Tiles Shimmer Tiles Animated Tiles Animated Tiles 2 Shimmering Hearts
Sparkling Hearts Textured Leaf Liquid Silver Cobblestone Woven Tinsel
Tiny Bubbles Textured Strips Short Satin Strips Short Satin Strips 2 Pearl Strips
Satin Swirls Satin Swirls 2 Cool Satins Cool Satins 2 Cool Satins 3
Long Satin Strips Long Satin Strips 2 Black Strip Dangerous Denims Flowers On The Vine
Satin Diagonals Satin Diagonal Stripe Charcoal Backs White Hearts Glass Hearts
Art Deco Flowers Shear Flowers Happy Hearts Baby Hearts Hearts On White
Flower Claws Delicate Flowers Open Berber Star Crosses Wood Basket Weave
Natural Wood Diagonal Daisy Diamond Cuts Asteroids Imposed Leafs
Diamond Hearts Dark Waterfalls Sea Spray Deco Branches Pastel Icicles
Motion Flowers Ice Crystals Lace Swirls Multi-Spirals Pebbles
Pinwheels Pastel Shears Small Weave Spirals Squiggles
Shadow Leafs Beaded Velvet Brushed Suede Diamond Flower Eluminations
Velvet Leaf Elegant Swirls Elegant Lights Diamond Crosses Cool Design
Cotton Candy Embossed Swirls Heavy Rope Horizontal Action Rain
Sand Backs Shattered Glass Curling Rope Cutie Backs Satin Tear Pastels
Star Jewels Be Jeweled Autum Showers Forest Lights Abstract Ribbons
Lava Rock Backs Flake Backs Swirly Tip Backs Diamond Leafs :: INDEX 2 ::

Specific Theme Background Index

Child Backs 1 Child Backs 2 Father's Day Backs Mother's Day Backs Women Backs
Fireworks Backs Fireworks Backs 2 Fireworks Backs 3 Kitty Backs Dog Backs
Wild Animal Wild Animals 2 Jesus Backgrounds 1 Jesus Backgrounds 2 Food Backs 1
Food Backs 2 Just Odd-N-Ends More Odd-N-Ends RESERVED RESERVED
Resources used for some of the above backgrounds from:
Public Domain Graphics Group
Susan's Imaging Stuff

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