When my need is great, I look to the Lord, and He always comes through for me. But the thing I marvel at most, are the everyday miracles he does before I even know the need exists.

Several years ago, I had made an appointment for a routine annual maintenance checkup on my washer and dryer. Unknown to me, it turned out that the hot water hose was about to burst. When I saw the hose I was shocked, and immediately began to thank the Lord for his tender loving care. Once again, He was at the rescue just in time.

Now this may not seem like a big deal, but for us it was a miracle in advance. You see, at that time we used to put our small seven pound puppy in the laundryroom when no one was home. She was not completely house broken and being so small we did not want her to get into any kind of trouble in our absence.

So we used to put up a babygate at the laundryroom door and this was her little home. This arrangement seemed innocent enough as it allowed her the opportunity to visit with the other family furries, and not feel isolated from them. We thought we were doing the right thing.

Now, what if that hose had broken? Because we always left the hot water valve fully open, if that hose had burst the flow of hot water would have run continuously until someone came home. I couldn't even begin to imagine what that would have done to a small puppy's feet who was trapped in the laundryroom with no way out.

For me, this was another example of how much God's awesome love extends toward 'everything', even a small puppy. (Who I love.) Thank you again Lord.

"All things great and small,
God has made and loves them all!"

Midi: "Household Of Faith
Pillars of Truth Ministries