"Beloved, I pray that you may prosper
in every way and may keep well, even
as your soul keeps well and prospers."
III John 2 (AMP)

My many thanks to those of you
who have contributed to this page.

Avoid Relying On Emotions

Emotions are wonderful. They add flavor and heat to life.  They make us feel more alive. Emotions, however, make lousy foundations for our faith in God because they can be radically affected by things like diet, lack of sleep, and internal chemistry. You shouldn't look to your feelings to judge whether God loves you.  Your assurance isn't from getting goose bumps or chills down your spine-after all, the flu can provide that. Thank God that His love for us isn't based on how we feel; it's based on His integrity. His promises remain true regardless of how we feel about them.

God's love is more than a feeling-it's a fact! ~Paul~

Our Biggest Battleground

Know what it is? I sure do! When we know the Lord, our spirits are redeemed, but we can be attacked in our minds. For years, I thought I was the only one in the body of Christ that went through mental attacks..,that everyone else always had the victory. If the enemy can't possess our souls, he does his utmost to keep us in confusion, so that we will feel unworthy of sharing Jesus with others. If he can't get to us while we are awake, he attacks us with dreams, and even depression, then we feel guilty for being depressed! Our everyday trials and tribulations tend to take away our joy...but we have one in our lives that wants to renew our strength, if we will call on Him.

"Come unto me, all ye that are weary and heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Casting all your cares upon Him, for He careth for you." ~Bettylou~

God Is Watching

Sometimes things happen that I just don't like. Things I wouldn't have expected or planned. Yet, we are called to give thanks in all things. Makes you wonder how do they do that? What I have found works for me is, I remind myself that this is ONLY a test of the heart and God IS watching. For some reason that puts a smile on my face as I realize that I am never out of God's sight or care, and without a doubt I have His full attention at that very moment. ~MyGolly~

I Am Nothing Without God

Most important lesson that I have learned is that, I am nothing without God. Hard concept to grasp. I was always under the impression, "God only helped those who help themselves." What a lie! I had always tried doing things in my own strength. This worked for a while until I became weary and gave up. Thinking I was a failure, I never gave God a second thought.

Reality hit when I became born again, and started following God. He wants me to rely on him. I am not weak for doing so, but instead strong. Now I know the truth, and that is I am nothing without Him. God alone turns all of my lemons into lemonaide. ~Pepsi~

Forgiveness vs. Reconciliation

I've learned that forgiveness and reconciliation are two different matters. Many times after I made the conscience decision to forgive someone, I felt like my feelings really hadn't changed. But after a short while, something out the ordinary would happen that would comfort my heart. It was after that I learned this..., making the decision to forgive someone is the anchor needed by the Holy Spirit to reconcile the situation. WORKS everytime! Simply awesome, isn't it?! ~Marvaline~

Let Go And Let God

After I became a christian I spent the next four years alone. Each new day was exactly the same as the last. I thought it would never change. Although God used that time to teach me, I was still very lonely. I knew the Lord was calling me to let go of a certain friendship.

Finally one day (after four years) I did let go. My life is dramatically different now. I learned that sometimes letting go of the old is the ONLY way to make room for the new. I learned that being a christian didn't mean I would always say yes. And I especially learned that my emotions should be taken less seriously. These lessons still influence my walk with the Lord today.

Our purpose is to hear and obey. With that settled, He will take care of the rest. ~MyGolly~

The Window Of Our Soul

Ever ask yourself how do I know if I'm a good person? The bible tells us that a good person produces good words from a good heart (Matthew 12:35). In other words, it is in our speech that we reveal the quality of our mind, will, and emotions. Think of it this way, every word we say is a window that we open for others to see the condition of our soul. ~Marvaline~