Shortly after my salvation experience, the Lord blessed my spirit with a visit to His throne room. I had been reading the bible, and had closed my eyes to meditate upon what I had read, when all of a sudden I felt I was in His presence. My eyes couldn't focus the surroundings. I could hardly look up. I just sat there on my knees in front of the Lord as He sat on His throne.

Gently He reached over me and placed a crown upon my head. From what I could gather, it was a tin crown, all tarnished. Obviously it was very old. It wasn't beautiful like one I would have expected.

An expression of disbelief came over me, but I tried to hide it. I had noticed, out of the corner of my eye, a tierra sitting off to one side of me. It was lavished with diamonds that shimmered like the moonlight does on water.

Suddenly to my own surprise, I found myself taking the tin crown off my head and as I gave it a small fling, I said to the Lord, "but Father, this is a TIN crown."

Then I reached out for the diamond tierra, and said to the Lord, "If I am to have something for my head, I would rather have this glittering tierra." And with that comment, I proceeded to place the tierra on my own head.

I will never forget the love the Lord poured out on me that day as He so gently, and carefully removed the tierra from my head. He wasn't mad, because He knew at that very moment, I didn't understand that the tierra was like the world that keeps calling you back to itself.

With the crown in His hand, and His spirit filled with compassion, the Lord simply responded saying, "Here, look closer..., see this spot?" And He began to polish an oval area right in the center on the front of the crown. It began to glisten and in my amazement I could see that it was gold. It was so bright that I could hardly rest my eyes on it, yet I couldn't take my eyes off it.

"You see, it just needs restoration," the Lord said. "Some polishing, that's all. It looks so tarnished because it has been sitting here for quite a long time. With persistant rubbing over time, the entire crown will glisten again as if it were brand new."

The Lord didn't need to explain the polishing of the crown to me. Instantly I just knew that I was the one that needed to be cleaned up. But in the end like this crown, the Lord would also restore me to perfection. The thought of it filled me with a glorious sense of hope. I knew it wouldn't be something I'd have to do, but will be the result of all that He does.

I continued to sit there watching Him as he polished that oval area knowing that this beautful crown was being prepared for me. I came to realize that it had been reserved for me since before time. Now I could only watch as He diligently pursued this oval area on the crown.

After He gets it just as bright as it could possibly be, He then brings out the most brilliant red ruby gem and places it in the center of that oval on the crown. "No way," I shouted to myself, "no way! This can't be for `me." I lowered my head in sorrow for all the wrongs I had ever done against Him. My heart was breaking. Finally I said to the Lord, "No this can't be for me!"

"Oh yes." said the Lord, as He places this golden crown on my head, positioning it in just the right way. He looks into my sprit and says, "Yes, this is for you. Accepting my gift of salvation is not always easy for some, even though it is available to all. Whenever a new soul is saved we have a great celebration in heaven. Yes, this crown is especially for you. The ruby stone is the first of many, and is in rememberance of the precious blood shed for you. This is where you will always be, under the blood of my precious Son."

Then He held my face in His hands, and my spirit was filled with His message of love. And I knew at that very moment that He had made me His princess. I knew I belonged to Him. I knew I had something that God wants all of us to have. I had been give the assurance of His unconditional love.

Even now, many years later, I still know without a doubt that I am special to Him. He keeps the world and its ways from me even though there are times when I can hear its calling. There was even a time when I very nearly fell for its lies. But I only had to resist alittle, and that was a direct summons to Him. He, in His faithfulness, reached right down and rescued me.

So now when I feel the pressure is on, I remember it's the Lord at work. He makes this special relationship available to all of us. What our Lord does for one, He is there to do for all.

Written by Marvaline