Angel Tears


By : Norma


Angel wings droop when rain falls from the sky, 

as angel tears fall from an angel's eyes.

Thirsty flowers yearn for the water from above, 

for an angel's tears are made purely from love.

And when an angel's teardrops touch a lover's lips, 

the lover is blessed.

For a heart is simply from an angel's cry - 

turned upside down, it's a tear from each eye.

Their tears are falling for you and for me 

to touch us all with Love from above.




By: Norma


God, you've reached out for my hand
You made me try to understand why
Of why my father did not want me
You placed me in the arms of a loving grandfather, so loving

You had to know I would be blessed
My grandfather, your child would teach me
Teach me to grow up to love one another, nevertheless
Always forgiven, always in my heart, laughter with glee

You blessed me God and I pray
I pray each and every night for the blessings
Blessings you brought to my life, everyday
There's many of us out there not knowing

Knowing the love of both parents father
You have my grandfather beside you now
Please tell him for me I loved him with all my heart
Thank him for teaching me to become the person I am

Proud of the person I've turned out to be
Yes Father I do carry the scars
I will and have all my life, as you see
Always will, of not being wanted as a child, has left its mark

My life is enriched as you Blessed Me.
I took your hand and held on.
And as each day passes thru eternity
I will continue to take your hand till I've come home





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