Christmas at Grandma's house was always my favorite time of the year. The whole family would go over to Grandma's house around five or six-o=clock. I always could not wait to see the family.

My cousin Danielle would always come from Tennessee, she would stay at our Grandma's house for a few days. I always could not wait to see her. I remember asking my Mother before we would leave every year when can I see Danielle.

When we would get over to Grandma's Danielle would run out and give me a big hug. We never got to see each other that much, just on holiday's most of the time so when we did see one another we were inseparable.

The whole family would make so much food on Christmas that when you finished eating you could not move. Of course Danielle and I would eat together in the back of the room. When we finished eating we played a game of Tag around the pool table.

My Grandma and Grandpa would always tell Danielle and I that Santa was coming over with our presents, so we could not go down stairs. Danielle and I always got mad about that and wanted to see Santa so bad.

After Santa put our presents down stairs my Grandma would yell our names and tell us to go in the basement. We always could not wait for that time, we would run fast as we could down stairs to see what we had.

Danielle's presents were in front of the couch and mine always behind Danielle would always open her presents fast. I would always be pretty slow and my Mom would always start to help me. We had at least twenty presents each.

That is why I loved Christmas at Grandma's house . She always made sure we got the things that we really wanted and made sure we always had a great Christmas. My Grandma and Grandpa are the best Grandparents a kid could ever have.

Thank you guys I love you, Amanda

This was written by my Granddaughter for me and Darwin. It brings back many wonderful memories and I am so proud of Amanda for all her accomplishments and for writing about these precious memories that we share.

"I love you Mandy, Grandma"

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