Hello God Once Again


Hello God Once Again

I cry your name 

As I lay in a hospital bed.

In Comes The News .

My son is lying in another bed

 fighting for his life,

And here I lay.

Send your Angels Oh God .

Send your angels to protect him 

As I can't be there.

He is out of State and here I lay...

Oh I scream out 

I want to be there .

Why now , Oh Why now ...

Please help me 

oh my God help me.

What is wrong ?

 I can't move my leg .

They tell me nothing

 as I cry upon my pillow.

Something is wrong!

I lay there for weeks trying
with each and every passing day .
As the angels protect me
and guide my way.

I am home now.

And in comes Angels 

to help me find my way.

I pray and pray 

each and everyday.

I  try to struggle once again.

As I wish to walk .

And every step I take

To make me stronger
each and everyday.

How can I now hold onto
hope and faith ?

When I get the news ...

Oh my God I will
never walk without this
walker along life's highway.

Oh God Once Again ,
Forgive me God .

My Son still lives

and I was able to 

at last share

 that hug with him .

All these prayers sent up

I can live a life not as I planed ,

But I will Stand Tall

As the teardrops fall .

Thank you God

And The Angels you send .

We will make it.
I pray to you God .

Bless us each and every day



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