I Found You


I Found You

Norma V.


The gift I give to you, is my Hands

So they may caress you


Touch you in warmth


Pull you closer to me,

Closer to my Heart as it beats for you

The gift I give to you, is my Eyes

So  you can always See

The truth

The beauty


All  the  love I  have for you.

The gift I give to you, is my Arms

They will hold you ever so gently,

 They will wrap around you

 Like a blanket of warm Love.

They will always reach out for you,

When you need them the most.

The gift I give to you, is my ears.

You will always hear

The beating in my Heart

When I whisper to you

In my softest of words.

Only  you will hear  their  magic.

The gift I give to you, is the gift of my Heart

It is the key to my very Soul.

It can be very fragile, be careful not to break it.

Yet  It is a pillar of strength.

The gift I give to you is my lips

I give to you my lips

My  lips  open  and it is

Like honey dripping

From  my lips to yours.

A  kiss  so  sweet from  my lips.

The Gift I give to you, Is the Gift of myself...

I   have Found   You...


By : Norma V.


Wav :Neil Diamond " Heart Light"


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