Something about the way you hold me in your arms, makes me feel so safe, so warm, away from all the
world's harm.
Only You
Only You

Something about when our hands touch
Its a great feeling when love can be found
When your fingers are running through my hair
I can't help but smile, knowing that you care.

Something about the way you give me your sweet smile and the way your voice speaks to me of love so real

It's amazing that we can share such intimacy,and when I lay with my head resting on your chest, it's at that moment that I feel I am loved

Something about the way you kiss me, oh so soft,
sweet, long and passion takes over.

Something about the way you gaze into my eyes, and all my hurt and pain you instantly recognize. you understand me and accept me with all my fears and in every move you make, you're drying up my tears

Something about the way I feel whenever you're around no matter where I'm at, you lift me off the ground, oh so high I feel that I can fly.

Something about the way thoughts of you will never fade. and I need you more and more with each passing day.

I love You, you are the love I have waited for
My Hope, My light, My everything.
In your arms I am in heaven loving you always and forever.

Only You
Only You