Somewhere out there is my Angel In White She watches over you both day and night If your heart is sad, hurt or blue Count on her love, she'll be there for you

        Believe me dear, she really does care Believe in her love, it's yours to share So gentle and soft, she's ready to heal Believe me my friend, this Angels for real

        If you ever need my Angel In White A prayer from your heart will make things right Come close your eyes and reach for the sky Come feel the love of a sweet Angel's sigh

        Open your heart, release your sole Dismiss all the pain that's taken control Believe in her, have faith and trust Now open your eyes and see the Angel dust

        She's with you my friend, throughout your days She's kept you from harm in so many ways Sleep well my friend throughout the night Have hope and have faith in my Angel In White.

        Author Unknown

        Angels see the world through rose-colored glasses because they often make things more beautiful.

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