~WW Flex Plan~

In the new FlexPoints Plan you are assigned a Points Target number,
and you'll need to consume at LEAST your Points Target EACH day.
Banking is gone, instead you'll automatically receive 35 FlexPoints at the start of your week..
you can use your points or not use them (similiar to banked points).
With your 35 FlexPoints you may use them in any combination during the week. Sounds like there will not be a cap on the number used in a day.
APs will accumulate on a daily basis and those points have to be consumed in that same day or your lose them -- you cannot accumulate beyond that day.
Journals now called QuikTrak notebooks will be a check register format. You will count down your points subtracting all the food you eat and adding points for any activity you do.
You can always easily see how many points you have left to use.

The intention is to fine tune the program, not a radical change but rather to simplify and personalized the program to make it easier for people to lose weight. Below are the Points Targets:

32-37 range target is 34 points
31-36 range target is 33 points
30-35 range target is 32 points
29-34 range target is 31 points
28-33 range target is 30 points
26-31 range target is 28 points
24-29 range target is 26 points
22-27 range target is 24 points
20-25 range target is 22 points
18-23 range target is 20 points

You can still follow THE Winning Points Plan
You can continue to eat the same number of POINTS as you did under Winning Points. The main benefit of FlexPoints is that it makes the POINTS System simpler and easier to follow by letting you choose how many POINTS you want to spend each day.