~Weight Watchers Poem~
WW Leader shared this Poem

That piece of cake I saved is near;
One big slice I have no fear;
Besides no pounds will even show;
I’ve got seven days to go!

A day of shopping to the mall we go;
For a pizza lunch, it’s cheaper you know;
I’ll walk it off, I have no fear!
Six days to go – no weight is near!

I think I’ll skip my tuna lunch
A corned beef sandwich is what I’ll munch
Tuna’s getting expensive you know…
Besides I’ve got five days to go!

For breakfast…one egg, toast, and juice…
Kids left their pancakes..oh what’s the use?
With inflation, to waste is a sin…
Besides it’s four days till I weigh in!

Boy, this weekend is really rough,
Restaurant menus are really tough!
I’ll work this steak off…have no fear!
In just three days it’ll disappear!

Breakfast – I’ll just have coffee today…
Maybe I’ll lose more that way!
Supper a little extra I’ll eat…
Two days before the scales I meet!

Now my nerves are really a wreck…
I might as well eat…what the heck!
I’ll take two ex-lax late tonight…
One day to go…it’ll be allright!

I can’t afford to eat…no way!
Six trips to the john might save the day…
I gained two pounds…wouldn’t you know?
Guess I didn’t have seven days to go!!!!!!!