We are very happy to see that you've made it to our site! That must mean you have decided you want to play the lyric game with us in the new, offical GCRBL room on our new server. Below you will find instructions on how to get into the GCRBL room.

You will see a Bot in the room named "Terminator" who has ops. The only thing the Bot "Terminator" is assigned to do is to boot the flooders. The room is not censored in language use and no one will get booted for it. The owners of GCRBL know you all like to get a bit colorful from time to time, myself included. You won't get booted for language. The only thing you can't do is flood the room with a lot of text. If you get booted for it you can come back in. If flooding persists the flooder will be banned. This room is here for all to enjoy so please be considerate of others.


To get to the guess-classic-rock-by-lyric room on the new server:

MSNTV users may use their own IRC. Use this info to get into the room with your own IRC:

SERVER NAME: irc.chatsensations.com
PORT: 6667
ROOM NAME: #guess-classic-rock-by-lyric

MSNTV users who don't want to use an IRC to get into the room can do so by clicking on "CHAT" on their MSNTV Home Page. On the page that comes up click on the "GoTo" button at the top right hand side and fill in the boxes on the page that comes up with:

SERVER: irc.chatsensations.com
PORT: 6667
ROOM NAME: #guess-classic-rock-by-lyric

PC users can use either mIRC or pirch and join server name:

SERVER NAME: (unknown at this time)
ROOM NAME: #guess-classic-rock-by-lyric

PC USERS: to download the mIRC go to this link: mIRC and download the latest version. Once you have downloaded mIRC, close the box that asks you to register it (you will get that box everytime you use the mIRC but just close it each time and click connect once you have it all set-up) and fill in the above info plus your user name and password in the appropriate boxes. If you have problems getting set up let Ken, TGeezerB or JunkKing know and they'll do their best to walk you through it using MSN's IM. Junnking and Ken are listed on the IMs as junkking1835@yahoo.com and roc_ken_roll@hotmail.com.

JAVA CHAT: If you have a Java program on your PC, Java Chat is the easiest way for PC users to access the room, and the easiest chat client to use. If you have a Java program, go to the chatsensations home page (www.chatsensations.com), and near the top of the page on the left, you will see a text box to type your nic into. Type your nic into the text box, and click on 'Chat.' This will activate your Java program, and once it connects with the chat server, you will see your identity being confirmed. Once that is finished, click on 'Channels' in the top row of options, and look for #guess-classic-rock-by-lyric. Click on the room name when you find it, and you'll be in! If you don't see it, go to #lobby and type /join #guess-classic-rock-by-lyric, and you can get in that way. E-mail me here if you have any problems, and I'll walk you through it.

Additional assistance in accessing the room for PC users can be obtained by writing TGeezerB at papabear@ptd.net or Junkking at junkking1835@yahoo.com and they will be happy to help you out!

See You In The Room!

June 1, 2002




The Players Page is now owned by the roomies at #guess-classic-rock-by-lyric, and maintained by *STAR* and CherryGod. Special Thanks to Beth aka CherryGod for being the custodian of our Players Page for so long! :-)

For instructions on Turbo Pirch, Go To

'guess-classic-rock-by-lyric' on CHATSENSATIONS is modeled after the original '!game-guess-classic-rock-by-lyric' chat game formerly on Talk City. The game was founded and created by, and should be considered the intellectual and moral property of, LLSilverButt. We believe the Big Banana would approve!