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A.A. & N.A.
Slogans & Sayings
3rd Step Prayer 5 Minutes before Miracle 7th Step Prayer JFT A.A. Acceptance
Act Don't Pickup Drug Free Zone Amused Not Alone
Awake Best Thinking God Bless U Friends God Bless U (2)
No Mistake Call sponsor before Drinking Wish For Change Change (2)
No Coincidences The Committee Is In Denial God Depended I Can't
I Can't (2) Hug Heart Have Faith Each Day
Easy Does It Expectations Faith Works Fear First Things First
First Things First (2) God's Grace H.O.W. Hallway Handle
Happiness I Don't Know Let Go & Let God Living Life Serenity Me
Insanity It Works JFT Keep Coming Back Keep Coming Back (2)
Noise Willingness Keep it Simple Normal One Day At A Time
yellow and green aa logo Big Book Quote Call your sponsor The Committee is in Session Daily Reflections (Text)
gray na logo on blue bg. Talk or hug Inspiration Morning Messages in blinking colors na jft one day keytag on blue bg. jft na black text
na logo with rotating jft inside of logo jft na blue text swing learning as i go along on black bg. neon green blinking na gratiture logo

A Daily 12 Twelve Step Messages For 12 Stepper's In Recovery

12 Step Graphics
1 year AA 2 years AA 3 years AA 4 years AA 5 years AA
6 years AA 7 years AA 8 years AA 9 years AA 10 years AA
11 years AA 12 years AA 13 years AA 14 years AA 15 years AA
16 years AA 17 years AA 18 years AA 19 years AA 20 years AA
21 years AA 24 Hour Meditations Text Cocaine Courage Blinking Colors Daily Scripture
Wisdom Blinking Colors A.A. Circle Triangle A.A. Logo A.A. Circle Triangle (3) A.A. Circle Triangle (4)
A.A. Circle Triangle Blinking (5) A.A. Circle Triangle Background Gif Antidrug Serenity Background Gif Small Blue N.A. Logo
12 step recovery resources AA Background logo God Blinking colors JGT NA Book Cover Don't Drinking and drive changing sign
Mickey Mouse Serenity Prayer NA grey logo on grey bg. Bad Mind Miracle in red heart I just want more
Blue NA logo on white bg. 3D blue NA logo Narcotics Anonymous bg. WHITE Hands holding NA logo big blue na logo
Med. black NA logo Big N.A. Banner small NA banner na logo on black bg. Self God Society Service logo
Big Real Big na logo symbols Red no symbol spinning red no symbol on blue drug text on white bg. One day at a time saying odaat banner
Have a great day saying Lord's Prayer To thine own self be true symbol Pain Saying Restraint of tongue saying
Friends are Angels saying Wanna Share saying The door is always open saying Let's get together soon saying peace happiness love serenity saying
listen to your heart saying The sun shines saying Take the time to smell the flowers saying I miss you saying Recovery saying
I care saying Progress saying Remember the promises saying sometimes quickly saying Recovery changes all things saying
More will be revealed saying Rule 62 saying No Matter saying Self Esteem black text Serenity Prayer in old english
I'm always here saying The lie is dead saying Think Help saying thoughts saying
Turst saying Turn it over saying Welcome banner A real friend saying Words saying
Work the Steps Banner Expect a Miracle saying The 12 & 12 A.A. Book Cover 17 yr. Anniversary Chip (gold) N.A. Basic Text Book
1 daat chip 24hrs meditation book A.A. Chip A.A. symbol text A.A. help banner