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Choose an output image format and set any optional image attributes below. Some attributes are only relevant to specific output formats. Next, press output to convert your image to the selected format. The image is converted and you are given an opportunity to transload it to your Home Page.


Multiple Images is selected when you want to output an Animated Image.

Single File is selected when you want to output a Single Image OR a Single Frame from an Animated Image.

Storage type:

 multiple images per file  clipboard  Scale

 single file                      histogram

Press to
your image or
the form.

Optional Image Attributes

Values entered in these 2 boxes are used when you have Morphed a set of Images and want to control the delay between Images and the No of times that the

Morphed Images Repeat.

Delay in 1/100th of a second


Entering a value of 0 will produce a continuous looping of the Image. Any other value will produce the No of loops specified by the value that was entered.

Loop (GIF):

home dough boy