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To transform your image, enter your transform parameter and method. Note, only methods denoted with an asterisk require a parameter value. Next, press transform to continue.


Choose from these transforms:

 chop *      deconstruct  roll *          rotate right

 coalesce  flip              rotate*      shear *

 crop *      flop              rotate left   trim

It is not within the scope of this Tutorial to provide a complete manual on all of the Image Magick Transform funtions. Go here for Image Magick's Transform instructions. The Professor is demonstrating, at the present time, some of the more common Transform Functions.

The Composited Goof


Width=160 Height=200
Rotated Left

rotate left

Width=200 Height=160
Rotated Right

rotate left

Width=200 Height=160

Lets continue on making our Storm Door. Yup your right. We have to Flip the Goof.

Press to
your image or
the form.

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