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You will receive a Welcome To Tripod message once you have signed up for your Free Tripod Home Page. Save this message as it will contain your Tripod Name and a Temporary Password as well as some


The first thing we must do is to Log-in using our Tripod Name and Password. The name that The Professor has selected for this demonstration is


It is very important that you name your first page index.html and edit something at your website every 30 days.

It is also IMPORTANT that you read Tripod's Terms of Service. Following these simple proceedures will assure you of a very pleasant Tripod Journey.


This is an example of the file menu at your Home Page

The links have been purposely changed as this is a DEMO only and are not intended to take you off this page. They will, however, take you to the appropriate section. Lets select a page and start our Tripod journey.

Regards and good luck on your

Tripod Home Page

The Professor

Things you can access from the Homepage Housekeeper:

You are currently in this directory:


Choose a Filename

Before you begin creating your new page, you need to save it as a file in your member directory. If this is your first page, you should name it index.html or index.htm. There is a good explanation below for why you should name it one of these.

If this is the second or third page you have built, name the file anything you wish, but the name should end in .html or .htm.

Press "Use This Filename" once you have chosen your file name. You will be taken to a page that looks like this, if you have selected "Custom Page". The page will looks like this, if you have selected "Quick Page".

Why you should I name my first page index.html or index.htm?

You should name your first file 'index.html', because that is the default file web browsers look for in your member directory. For example, if you type in the URL


you are actually taken to the page


The bottom line:

naming your file 'index.html' shortens and simplifies the URL for your home page.

Why should I end my filename with .html or .htm?

If you do not end your filename with '.html', it is possible that your web browser will not properly display the file.

What characters are illegal in a filename?

You can only use one period (.) in your filename.

Also, characters like $, !, @, and ? are illegal.

Please use only alphanumeric characters.

Page Editor

The box below contains the HTML for the page you have chosen to edit.

Add your own HTML to customize this page:

This is where you now write your codes just as you did in your Signature Box.The only difference is the addition of the <head> and <title> tags. For this reason, The Professor recommends using Custom Page.

<title>The Title of your page</title>
</head><body bgcolor="color" text="color" link="color" vlink="color">

Your codes

Then scroll out of this box and press Use this HTML to save the file. You will then be transfered to a page like this and the file will be saved. The Reset button resets the document to the original condition that existed prior to making any changes.

Page Editor

The page, "~tripoduser/index.html," has been saved
in your Tripod member directory.

You, or anyone else, can view this page



Back to Housekeeper



Create a new Subdirectory

Create a new subdirectory in your home Directory

Please enter the name of the new subdirectory

Just delete subdirectory and enter the file name of your choosing. Then press "Use This Filename" and the file will be saved and appear in your Home Page Directory. Here are some examples of Filenames you might choose.

  • Images---for image files
  • Music---for music files
  • Back---for backgrounds

Using subdirectories will help keep track of items that are transloaded and will provide a convenient destination to transload to. You can always Move, Rename and Erase any files using your Home Page Editor.



It appears that your browser is not ftp enabled.

To upload a picture you can:

Connect via FTP to Tripod.
Connect to ftp.tripod.com
Log on using your member name and password You will be connected directly to your Tripod directory, where you may upload your files!


Erase Many Pages

Pick the files you would like to erase


Be careful here. Forever is FOREVER!!!

Forget it!


Move many files

Pick the files from Directory " ~tripoduser/ " you would like to move

Move to directory:

You have not any files to move at this time

Note: if the file already exists in the new directory, the file will not be moved! Move the file individually using the Housekeeper.

Forget it!


Choose a Layout

Select a layout for your new page, "index-2.html".

Information about the advantages of each layout is available


Layout 1

Select This Layout

Layout 2

Select This Layout


example 1



example 2


About the Layouts

Layout 1 is the same as the old Homepage Builder. It offers you five sections, arranged vertically, with a graphical bar separating each of them. This layout offers the most flexibility for what you can place in each section. (i.e. it is easy to make a good looking page with this layout)

Layout 2 offers a two column format. The sections in the left column are good for placing small images and link collections. The three sections on the right can be used for personal text, larger images, and a web counter. This layout requires more tweaking than layout 1 to build an attractive page. Give it a try if you want something different.