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~Building pages can be fun and very time-consuming, yet rewarding. Each site is a unique work-of-art in its' own way and should be recognized as such.

The purpose and goal of this award's program is to acknowledge the hard work and dedication of each individuals and be rewarded for their time and effort that it takes in creating a web site. To that end, I am offering a variety of awards.~

Each site will be rated on Presentation, Content, Design, Graphics, Navigation and Load Time. All are welcome to apply, and from time to time, I may randomly pick a site and offer any one of my awards.

Please be sure to read the Rules and Criterias before applying. I have made it very easy and simple.

~~ RULES ~~

1. *Your site can not contain any type of "pornography", "occult", "racial slurs", or "vulgarity".

2. *When presented with an award, please notify me that the award is in place on your site and the link where I may view it.

3. *The award may be resized but not altered in any way.

4. *Submit a personal banner to be used as a representative of your site on the Recipients' Awards Page.

5. *A link to my site or an entry in the guestbook is not required, but would be much appreciated.


1. *Your site should be in English or has an English version - I can only speak and read English.

2. *Your site should be family-friendly - viewable by everyone.

3. *Your site should have purpose - not something that is just thrown together.

4. *Your site should be easy to navigate - do not have me wandering endlessly.

You are now ready to complete the form below. I will respond to all requests as time permits and in the order they are received. If you do not receive a response to an award request within 30 days, an award will not be presented at this time, but you are more than welcome to apply again in 60 days.

Your privacy will be respected at all times and any personal information provided upon submission will be used soley for the purpose of contacting the individual of an award.

~This award can not be applied for, but will be presented at my discretion.~
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