~I would like to thank everyone who has presented me with an award. There are some wonderful sites here so please take your time and pay them a visit.~

Thank You.  Received-February 9, 2000

Thank You, Michele.  Received-March 13, 2000
THANK YOU, Sondra.  Received-April 3, 2000
Thank You, BabyDoll.  Received-March 18, 2000

Thank You , Pretty.  Received-April 19, 2000

Thank You, Linda.  Received-May 13, 2000
Thank You, Crystal.  Received-May 18, 2000
Thank You, Lesley.  Received-April 24, 2000

Thank You, Kim.  This is an honor.  Received-September 5, 2000
This is an honor from The Queen.  Thank You, Marie.  Received-July 12, 2000
Thank You, Glen.  Received-September 10, 2000

Thank You,Silky.  Received-July 22, 2000

Award Winners

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