EBONI - "Queen Sheba"
Eboni is a long-haired domestic cat.     She is 2 years old and she is known as "Queen Sheba".
Eboni was bought for my Nanna for Mother's Day.  My mom and I were out shopping and this man was giving a litter of kittens away.  Eboni was this cute little black cat and she was the last of the litter to be given away.

My mom said, "Ma is going to get us, but I am going to take it home and we will give it as a gift.  She will fall in love with the cat when she sees it".  And my Nanna loved her.  Nanna's friend named her Eboni because she is black.
Eboni soon became a part of our family and then she just took over.  My Nanna does not let her go outside because she has had her front claws removed.  Nanna says now she has to stay in the house because she has no way of protecting herself if she goes outdoors.

Eboni loves to run through the house jumping on this and jumping on that.  She loves to sit in the window during the day when the sun is shining brightly.  At night she sleeps at the foot of my Nanna's bed.
She is always playing.  If it moves she goes after it.  She has become my pet even though she is really my Nanna's cat.  We have all spoiled her and she acts like a human sometimes.

My mom and I sometimes gives her a bath in the tub and she just stands there on the side of the tub and let us bathe her.  We wrap her up in a towel and put this good smelling stuff on her that my Nanna bought just for her.  Her hair is so long, pretty and silky after her bath and I will brush her until her hair shines.

Well that's my story about Eboni.  Please visit again, as I will be adding new things.
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