My    Best    Friend

We first met on a blind date. I remember what a gentleman you were, opening doors, pulling out chairs, taking my coat, and even lighting my cigarette. Our first date was a candlelight dinner and we danced to jazz half the night. You commented on how radiate I looked in the candlelight, and of course, I began blushing. The evening was magnificant! I was rathered surprised when you asked me out the next day, and, guess what, you have been asking me out ever since. The years have gone by, we have had our ups and downs, and, we have had our lives take courses we had not expected, but through it all, we stood by one another, and, somehow we made it together. You became my friend and confidante. I can talk to you about anything; tell you about my dreams, desires, and secrets. You understand me when no one else does. You are always in my corner, regardless of the situation. Most of all, you are there when I really need a friend. You have been an inspiration in my life, and for that, I thank you. I love you very much and I am very much in love with you. May our love continue to grow and blossom in the years ahead of us. We have become lovers, but you will always be my best friend.

This is dedicated to the man I fell in love with. He is my lover, but most of all, he is my best friend.

~Music playing is "A Song for You"~

~Rose Background by SKYE'S DIRECTORY~

Lovers Background - Courtesy of Angry Lover