How I wish I could have been there that day
To witness the birth of Jesus in His bed of hay
If only I could have touched
That precious baby we love so much

Then as the Angels began to sing
I would have joined them to welcome our King
With their Golden Harps aglow
Songs of love from them did flow
An echo in a message of psalms
Reaching stars in the yonder sky
Relating the News to you and I

Oh how I wish I could have seen
Mary's eyes for her baby glow and gleam
So long ago, yet in my mind
Each Christmas eve my wish returns
'Tho in my heart now more Love I find

That urge to witness our Lord's birth
I now pray for Peace and Goodwill on Earth
That Awesome Event 2006 years ago
My wish and yearning still burns in my heart
That I could have then been a part
Maybe a tiny Angel hidden to say
Baby Jesus "HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!"

Song Playing: Silent Night
Author: Fran G. Dec. 1st, 2006

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